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Conclusion du livre pour ceux qui hésitent à le lire ou non.

He does not stand unmoved or untouched in the face of truly movingexperiences.
He does not judge the totality of his life or anyone else’s life by the totalson the scoreboard as the clock ticks down to zero.
He does not use money as a proxy for emotional connection nor materialpossessions as the measure of his self-worth.
He does not define his manhood by the number of women he hasconquered.
He does not always fight fire with fire; sometimes he doesn’t need to fightat all.
He does not meet seriousness with silliness when it is seriousness that isrequired.
He does not take risks for risks’ sake, because he does not hide from hisfrailty, his mortality, or his humanity.He does not pretend to know everything about anything, nor is he afraid toadmit when he knows nothing about something.
And perhaps most important of all, he does not walk around thinking he’s The Man.

No, the masculine man goes through a journey, a process of self-discovery, and figures out what he needs to do to acquire the tools,knowledge, wisdom, grace, love, passion, and joy to pursue his destiny.
His destiny is his dreams. Those may evolve over time, but in their pursuit, heis not breaking down anyone else or hurting anyone else. He is not at warwith other people, conquering them. He is the one joining forces, searching for the win-win. He is the one who is lifting others up, inspiring othersthrough his journey and his own process (in which he is finding ways tocreate value along the way). He is the hero of his own journey. And in sobeing, he is looking for every way to have the best relationships possible withhis family, friends, his romantic partner, his colleagues, or his customers. He’sfinding ways to be the best possible version of himself.
Masculinity is about discovering yourself and owning what you find. It’sabout being kind to others, and pursuing your dreams with all the passion andenergy you can muster. It’s about doing something that is meaningful to youthat brings value to others. That’s how you build a legacy.
L'idée principale est d'être dans la mesure et non dans l'excès.

PS : pour les radins, il est aisément trouvable sur le net
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